46 CFR § 153.968 - Cargo transfer conference.

§ 153.968 Cargo transfer conference.

(a) Before he may begin making connections for cargo transfer, the person in charge of cargo transfer shall confer with the person supervising the cargo transfer at the facility.

(b) The person in charge of cargo transfer shall discuss the important aspects of the transfer operation, such as the following, with the supervisor at the facility:

(1) The products to be transferred.

(2) The cargo loading rates marked on the cargo piping plan or the maximum safe transfer rates.

(3) The critical or hazardous stages of the transfer operation.

(4) The emergency procedures in case of a spill.

(5) If the vessel is equipped with the tank overflow alarm prescribed in § 153.408(c), a procedure for shutdown of shore pumps, shore valves, and ship's valves that prevents piping system pressures from exceeding those for which the piping system is designed.

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