46 CFR § 160.021-3 - Materials, workmanship, construction and performance requirements.

§ 160.021-3 Materials, workmanship, construction and performance requirements.

(a)Materials. The materials shall conform strictly to the specifications and drawings submitted by the manufacturer and approved by the Commandant. The color of the tube shall be red. Flare compositions containing sulphur shall not contain more than 2.6 percent of potassium chlorate or an equivalent amount of any other chlorate. Flare compositions containing chlorates in any quantity shall not contain any ammonium salts.

(b)Workmanship. Hand red flare distress signals shall be of first class workmanship and shall be free from imperfections of manufacture affecting their appearance or that may affect their serviceability. Moistureproof coatings shall be applied uniformly and shall be free from pinholes or other visible defects which would impair their usefulness.

(c)Construction. The casing shall be fitted and secured to the handle with not less than a 25 mm (1 in.) overlap and shall be attached to the handle in such a manner that failure of the joint will not occur during tests, ignition, or operation. The plug shall be securely affixed in the casing to separate the flare composition from the wooden handle. The flare composition shall be thoroughly mixed and be uniformly compressed throughout to preclude variations of density which may adversely affect uniformity of its burning characteristics. The cap shall have a lap fit of not less than 25 mm (1 in.) over the end of the casing and flare composition to entirely and securely protect the exposed surface of the igniter button and end of flare composition and casing, and shall have an inner shoulder so constructed that it is mechanically impossible for the inner surface of the cap to come in contact with the igniter button. The cap shall be securely attached to the casing in such manner as to preclude its accidental detachment. The cap shall be provided on its top with a friction striking material which shall, by a pull of the tear strip, be entirely exposed for striking the friction igniter button. The igniter button shall be non-water soluble or be protected from moisture by a coating of some waterproof substance, and shall be raised or exposed in such manner as to provide positive ignition by the friction striker. The igniter button shall be firmly secured in or on the top of the flare composition; the arrangement shall be such that the ignition will be transmitted to the flare composition. The assembled flare, consisting of tear strip, cap, casing, and handle, shall be sealed and treated to protect the flare from deterioration by moisture. The protective waterproof coating shall be applied so none adheres to the friction striking surface. Special consideration will be given to alternate waterproofing of the signal by means of a water-resistant coating on the signal plus packaging in a sealed plastic waterproof bag satisfactory to the Commandant.

(d)Performance. Signals shall meet all the inspection and test requirements contained in § 160.021-4.