46 CFR § 170.165 - International Code on Intact Stability.

§ 170.165 International Code on Intact Stability.

(a) Each vessel issued one or more of the certificates listed in paragraphs (a)(1) through (4) of this section, must comply with the Introduction and Part A of the International Code on Intact Stability, 2008 (2008 IS Code), unless permitted otherwise (incorporated by reference, see § 170.015).

(1) International Load Line Certificate.

(2) SOLAS Passenger Ship Safety Certificate.

(3) SOLAS Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate.

(4) High-speed Craft Safety Certificate.

(b) A vessel not subject to the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section is permitted to comply with the applicable criteria contained in the 2008 IS Code as an alternative to the requirements of §§ 170.170 and 170.173 of this part.

[USCG–2007–0030, 75 FR 78084, Dec. 14, 2010]