46 CFR § 178.325 - Intact stability requirements—monohull sailing vessels.

§ 178.325 Intact stability requirements—monohull sailing vessels.

(a) As permitted by § 178.310(c) of this part, a monohull sailing vessel may demonstrate compliance with paragraphs (b) or (c) of this section if it satisfies all of the following requirements:

(1) It does not operate on exposed waters;

(2) It only operates during the daylight hours;

(3) It is of the usual type, rig, and hull form, excluding vessels without a weathertight deck, such as open boats;

(4) It carries not more than 49 passengers;

(5) It is not a sailing school vessel that carries a combined total of six or more sailing school students and instructors;

(6) Its minimum downflooding angle is greater than 60 degrees;

(7) It does not have a cockpit greater than 20 percent of the Length Over Deck; and

(8) If equipped with a cockpit and operating on Partially Protected Waters, the cockpit must be self-bailing.

(b) The vessel may undergo the simplified stability proof test detailed in § 178.330 of this part, in the presence of a Coast Guard marine inspector, if it does not have tumblehome at the deck, measured amidships, that exceeds 2 percent of the beam.

(c) The cognizant Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) may perform operational tests to determine whether the vessel has adequate stability and satisfactory handling characteristics under sail for protected waters or partially protected waters.

(d) The Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Center, may prescribe additional or different stability requirements for a broad, shallow draft vessel with little or no ballast outside the hull.

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