46 CFR § 178.510 - Ballast.

§ 178.510 Ballast.

(a) Any solid fixed ballast used to comply with the requirements of parts 170, 171, 178, and 179 of this chapter must be:

(1) Stowed in a manner that prevents shifting of the ballast; and

(2) Installed to the satisfaction of the cognizant OCMI.

(b) Solid fixed ballast may not be located forward of the collision bulkhead unless the installation and arrangement of the ballast and the collision bulkhead minimizes the risk of the ballast penetrating the bulkhead in a collision.

(c) Solid fixed ballast may not be removed from a vessel or relocated unless approved by the cognizant OCMI except that ballast may be temporarily moved for a vessel examination or repair if it is replaced to the satisfaction of the OCMI.

(d) Water ballast, either as an active system or permanent, must be approved by the Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Center.