46 CFR § 182.415 - Carburetors.

§ 182.415 Carburetors.

(a) All carburetors except the downdraft type must be equipped with integral or externally fitted drip collectors of adequate capacity and arranged so as to permit ready removal of fuel leakage. Externally fitted drip collectors, must be covered with flame screens. Drip collectors, where practicable, should automatically drain back to engine air intakes.

(b) All gasoline engines installed in a vessel, except outboard engines, must be equipped with an acceptable means of backfire flame control. Installation of backfire flame arresters bearing basic Approval Numbers 162.015 or 162.041 or engine air and fuel induction systems bearing basic Approval Numbers 162.042 or 162.043 may be continued in use as long as they are serviceable and in good condition. New installations or replacements must meet the applicable requirements of this section.

(c) The following are acceptable means of backfire flame control for gasoline engines:

(1) A backfire flame arrester complying with SAE J-1928 or UL 1111 (both incorporated by reference; see 46 CFR 175.600) and marked accordingly. The flame arrester must be suitably secured to the air intake with a flametight connection.

(2) An engine air and fuel induction system that provides adequate protection from propagation of backfire flame to the atmosphere equivalent to that provided by an acceptable backfire flame arrester. A gasoline engine utilizing an air and fuel induction system, and operated without an approved backfire flame arrester, must either include a reed valve assembly or be installed in accordance with SAE J-1928, or other standard specified by the Commandant.

(3) An arrangement of the carburetor or engine air induction system that will disperse any flames caused by engine backfire. The flames must be dispersed to the atmosphere outside the vessel in such a manner that the flames will not endanger the vessel, persons on board, or nearby vessels and structures. Flame dispersion may be achieved by attachments to the carburetor or location of the engine air induction system. All attachments must be of metallic construction with flametight connections and firmly secured to withstand vibration, shock, and engine backfire. Such installations do not require formal approval and labeling but must comply with this subpart.

(4) An engine air induction system on a vessel with an integrated engine-vessel design must be approved, marked, and tested under § 162.043 in subchapter Q of this chapter, or other standard specified by the Commandant.

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