46 CFR § 185.503 - Voyage plan.

§ 185.503 Voyage plan.

(a) The master of the following vessels shall prepare a voyage plan:

(1) A vessel making an oceans or coastwise voyage;

(2) A vessel making a voyage of more than 300 miles on the Great Lakes, except from a Canadian to a United States port;

(3) A vessel, with overnight accommodations for passengers, making an overnight voyage; and

(4) A vessel arriving from a foreign port, except at a United States Great Lakes port from a Canadian Great Lakes port.

(b) The voyage plan required by paragraph (a) of this section must be prepared prior to departing on a voyage and communicated verbally or in writing, ashore at the vessel's normal berthing location or with a representative of the owner or managing operator of the vessel. The voyage plan shall be available to the Coast Guard upon request.