46 CFR § 197.314 - First aid and treatment equipment.

§ 197.314 First aid and treatment equipment.

(a) Each dive location must have -

(1) A medical kit approved by a physician that consists of -

(i) Basic first aid supplies; and

(ii) Any additional supplies necessary to treat minor trauma and illnesses resulting from hyperbaric exposure;

(2) A copy of an American Red Cross Standard First Aid handbook;

(3) A bag-type manual resuscitator with transparent mask and tubing; and

(4) A capability to remove an injured diver from the water.

(b) Each diving installation must have a two-way communications system to obtain emergency assistance except when the vessel or facility ship-to-shore, two-way communications system is readily available.

(c) Each dive location supporting mixed-gas dives, dives deeper than 130 fsw, or dives outside the no-decompression limits must meet the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section and have -

(1) A decompression chamber;

(2) Decompression and treatment tables;

(3) A supply of breathing gases sufficient to treat for decompression sickness;

(4) The medical kit required by paragraph (a)(1) of this section that is -

(i) Capable of being carried into the decompression chamber; and

(ii) Suitable for use under hyperbaric conditions; and

(5) A capability to assist an injured diver into the decompression chamber.