46 CFR § 197.420 - Operations manual.

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§ 197.420 Operations manual.

(a) The diving supervisor shall -

(1) Provide an operations manual to the person-in-charge prior to commencement of any diving operation; and

(2) Make an operations manual available at the dive location to all members of the dive team.

(b) The operations manual must be modified in writing when adaptation is required because of -

(1) The configuration or operation of the vessel or facility; or

(2) The specific diving operation as planned.

(c) The operations manual must provide for the safety and health of the divers.

(d) The operations manual must contain the following:

(1) Safety procedures and checklists for each diving mode used.

(2) Assignments and responsibilities of each dive team member for each diving mode used.

(3) Equipment procedures and checklists for each diving mode used.

(4) Emergency procedures for -

(i) Fire;

(ii) Equipment failure;

(iii) Adverse environmental conditions including, but not limited to, weather and sea state;

(iv) Medical illness; and

(v) Treatment of injury.

(5) Procedures dealing with the use of -

(i) Hand-held power tools;

(ii) Welding and burning equipment; and

(iii) Explosives.