46 CFR § 197.430 - SCUBA diving.

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§ 197.430 SCUBA diving.

The diving supervisor shall insure that -

(a) SCUBA diving is not conducted -

(1) Outside the no-decompression limits;

(2) At depths greater than 130 fsw;

(3) Against currents greater than one (1) knot unless line-tended; and

(4) If a diver cannot directly ascend to the surface unless line-tended;

(b) The SCUBA diver has the equipment required by § 197.346(a);

(c) A standby diver is available while a diver is in the water;

(d) A diver is line-tended from the surface or accompanied by another diver in the water in continuous visual contact during the diving operation;

(e) When a diver is in a physically confining space, another diver is stationed at the underwater point of entry and is line-tending the diver; and

(f) A boat is available for diver pickup when the divers are not line-tended from the dive location.