46 CFR § 28.565 - Water on deck.

§ 28.565 Water on deck.

(a) Each vessel with bulwarks must comply with the requirements of this section.

(b) Except for a vessel that operates on protected waters, the residual righting energy, “b” in Figure 28.565, must not be less than the water on deck heeling energy, “a” in Figure 28.565.

(c) The water on deck heeling energy must be determined assuming the following:

(1) The deck well is filled to the top of the bulwark at its lowest point and the vessel heeled to the angle at which this point is immersed;

(2) Water does not run off through the freeing ports;

(3) Vessel trim and displacement are constant and equal to the values of the vessel without the water on deck; and

(4) Water in the well is free to run-off over the top of the bulwark.

(d) The residual righting energy is the righting energy from the value where the righting arm equals the water on deck heeling arm up to the lesser of the values of 40° (0.70 radians) of heel or the downflooding angle.

Requirements for vessel with bulwarks