46 CFR § 28.820 - Fire pumps, fire mains, fire hydrants, and fire hoses.

§ 28.820 Fire pumps, fire mains, fire hydrants, and fire hoses.

(a) Each vessel must be equipped with a self-priming, power driven fire pump connected to a fixed piping system. This pump must be capable of delivering an effective stream of water from a hose connected to the highest outlet. The minimum capacity of the power fire pump shall be 50 gallons per minute at a pressure of not less than 60 pounds per square inch at the pump outlet.

(1) If multiple pumps are installed, they may be used for other purposes provided at least one pump is kept available for use on the fire system at all times.

(2) In addition, each vessel must be fitted with a portable fire pump having a minimum capacity of that specified in paragraph (a) of this section, capable of producing a stream of water having a throw of at least 12 meters (39.4 feet) from the nozzle, and capable of being connected to National Standard Fire Hose of the size utilized on board the vessel. If a vessel already has on board a portable pump satisfying the bilge system requirements of § 28.255(d), no additional portable pump is required as long as the portable pump is of sufficient size/capacity, and is properly equipped to handle both fire fighting and flood control.

(b) Each vessel must have a sufficient number of fire hydrants to reach any part of the vessel using a single length of hose.

(c) Each fire hydrant must have at least one length of fire hose connected to the outlet at all times, a spanner, and a hose rack or other device for stowing the hose at all times.

(1) All parts of the firemain located on exposed decks shall either be protected against freezing or be fitted with cutout valves and drain valves.

(2) Firehose shall not be used for any other purpose other than fire extinguishing, drills, and testing.

(3) Each length of fire hose must be a minimum of 3.83 centimeters (1 1/2”) diameter lined commercial fire hose and be fitted with a nozzle made of corrosion resistant material capable of providing a solid stream and a spray pattern.

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