46 CFR § 298.33 - Escrow fund.

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§ 298.33 Escrow fund.

(a) Escrow Fund Deposits. At the time of the sale of the Obligations, the Obligor shall deposit with the Depository in an escrow fund (the “Escrow Fund”) all of the proceeds of that sale unless the Obligor is entitled to withdraw funds under paragraph (b) of this section. The Obligor must also deposit into the Escrow Fund on the Closing date an amount equal to six months interest at the rate borne by the Obligations, unless we find the existence of adequate consideration or accept other consideration in lieu of the interest deposit.

(b) Escrow Fund Withdrawals. You, as Obligor, may make a written request for us to disburse funds from the Escrow Fund. Within a reasonable time thereafter, we shall disburse directly to the Indenture Trustee, any Paying Agent for such Obligations, or any other Person entitled to payment any amount which you are obligated to pay or have paid, on account of the items and amounts or any other item approved by us, provided that we are satisfied with the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in the following submissions:

(1) A responsible officer of the Obligor shall deliver an officer's certificate, in form and substance satisfactory to us, stating that:

(i) There is no default under the construction contract or the Security Agreement;

(ii) There have been no occurrences which have or would adversely and materially affect the condition of the Vessel, its hull or any of its component parts, or the Shipyard Project;

(iii) The amounts of the request are in accordance with the construction contract including the approved disbursement schedule and each item in these amounts is properly included in our approved estimate of Actual Cost;

(iv) With respect to the request, once the contractor is paid there will be no liens or encumbrances on the applicable Vessel, its hull or component parts, or the Shipyard Project for which the withdrawal is being requested except for those already approved by us; and

(v) If the Vessel or Shipyard Project has already been delivered or completed, it is in class, if required, and is being maintained in the highest and best condition. The Obligor must also attach an officer's certificate of the shipyard and other general contractors, in form and substance satisfactory to us, stating that there are no liens or encumbrances as provided in paragraph (b)(1)(iv) of this section and attaching the invoices and receipts supporting each proposed withdrawal to our satisfaction.

(2) No payment or reimbursement under this section shall be made:

(i) To any Person until the total amount paid by or for the account of the Obligor from sources other than the proceeds of such Obligations equals at least 12 1/2 percent or 25 percent as applicable, of the Actual Cost of the Vessel or Shipyard Project is made;

(ii) To the Obligor which would have the effect of reducing the total amounts paid by the Obligor pursuant to paragraph (b)(2)(ii) of this section; or

(iii) To any Person on account of items, amounts or increases representing changes and extras or owner furnished equipment, if any, unless such items, amounts and increases shall have been previously approved by us; provided, however, that when the amount guaranteed by us equals 75 percent or less of the Actual Cost and the Obligor demonstrates to our satisfaction the ability to pay in the remaining 25 percent, or more, then after the initial 12 1/2 percent of Actual Cost has been paid by or on behalf of the Obligor for such Vessel or completed Shipyard Project and up to 37 1/2 percent of Actual Cost has been withdrawn from the Escrow Fund for such Vessel or Shipyard Project, the Obligor must pay the remaining Obligor's equity of at least 12 1/2 percent (as determined by us) before additional monies can be withdrawn from the Escrow Fund relating to such Vessel or Shipyard Project.

(3) We will not be required to make any disbursement except out of the cash available in the Escrow Fund. If any sale or payment on maturity results in a loss in the principal amount of the Escrow Fund invested in securities so sold or matured, the requested disbursement from the Escrow Fund shall be reduced by an amount equal to such loss, and the Obligor must pay to any Person entitled thereto, the balance of the requested disbursement from the Obligor's funds other than the proceeds of such Obligations.

(4) If we assume the Obligor's rights and duties under the Obligations or we pay the Guarantees, all amounts in the Escrow Fund (including realized income which has not yet been paid to the Obligor), shall be paid to us and be credited against any amounts due or to become due to us under the Security Agreement and the Secretary's Note.

(5) Other rights and duties with respect to withdrawals from the Escrow Fund shall be set out in the closing documentation in form and substance satisfactory to us.

(c) Investment and liquidation of the Escrow Fund. We may invest the Escrow Fund in obligations of the United States. We will deposit amounts in the Escrow Fund into an account with the U.S. Treasury Department and upon agreement with the Obligor, shall deliver to the U.S. Treasury Department instructions for the investment, reinvestment and liquidation of the Escrow Fund. We will have no liability to the Obligor for acting in accordance with such instructions.

(d) Income on the Escrow Fund. Unless there is an existing default, any income realized on the Escrow Fund shall be paid to the Obligor upon our receipt of such income.

(e) Termination date of the Escrow Fund. The Escrow Fund shall terminate 90 days after the delivery date of the last Vessel or Shipyard Project covered by the Security Agreement (the “Termination Date”). In the event that on such date the payment of the full amount of the aggregate Actual Cost of all of the Vessels or Shipyard Project has not been made or the amounts with respect to such Actual Cost are not then due and payable, then we and the Obligor by written agreement shall extend the Termination Date for such period as we and the Obligor shall determine is sufficient to allow for such contingencies. Any amounts remaining in the Escrow Fund on the Termination Date which are in excess of 87 1/2 percent or 75 percent of Actual Cost, as the case may be, shall be applied to retire a pro rata portion of the Obligations.

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