46 CFR § 298.37 - Examination and audit.

§ 298.37 Examination and audit.


(1) We shall have the right to examine and audit the books, records (including original logs, cargo manifests and similar records) and books of account, which pertain directly to the project, of the Obligor, bareboat charterer, time charterer or any other Person who has an agreement with respect to control of, or a financial interest in, a Vessel or Shipyard Project, as well as records of a Related Party and domestic agents connected with such Persons, and shall have full, free and complete access to these items at all reasonable times.

(2) We shall have the right to full, free and complete access, at all reasonable times, to each Vessel or Shipyard Project for which Guarantees are in force.

(3) When a Vessel is in port or undergoing repairs, we may make photostatic or other copies of any books, records and other relevant documents or papers being examined or audited.

(b) The Person in control of the premises where we conduct the examination or audit must furnish, without charge, adequate office space and other facilities that we reasonably require in performing the examination, audit or inspection.