46 CFR § 35.35-15 - Connecting for cargo transfer - TB/ALL.

§ 35.35-15 Connecting for cargo transfer - TB/ALL.

(a) Movement of the vessel must be considered to insure safe cargo transfer. Suitable material must be used in joints and in couplings to insure that connections are tight. A bolted flanged coupling must not have less than four bolts, under any circumstances.

(b) When cargo connections are supported by ship's tackle, the person in charge of the transfer of liquid cargo in bulk shall determine the weights involved to ensure that adequate tackle is used.

(c) Pans or buckets shall be placed under cargo hose connections on the tank vessel.

[CGFR 65-50, 30 FR 16704, Dec. 30, 1965, as amended by CGD 80-009, 48 FR 36459, Aug. 11, 1983; CGD 79-116, 60 FR 17156, Apr. 4, 1995]

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