46 CFR § 385.52 - Criteria: Applicant.

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§ 385.52 Criteria: Applicant.

The criteria to be used by MarAd in evaluating all applicants prior to award of a grant or cooperative agreement are as follows:

(a) The qualifications, capabilities, resources (both financial and technical) and experience of the applicant;

(b) The facilities or techniques which the proposer possesses and offers which are considered to be integral factors for achieving the objectives of the proposal;

(c) The qualifications, capabilities, and experiences of the proposed investigator, team leader, or key personnel, who are considered to be critical in achieving the objectives of the proposal;

(d) The precision and detail with which the applicant states its plan to further the formally adopted socioeconomic and environmental policies of the United States e.g., the encouragement of minority business enterprises); and,

(e) The extent to which the applicant will share the total estimated cost of the project.