46 CFR § 385.61 - Grant and cooperative agreements: Special provisions.

§ 385.61 Grant and cooperative agreements: Special provisions.

(a) MarAd has adopted two format matrices, one for grant agreements and one for cooperative agreements, to accommodate the variables inherent in undertaking a project with a particular recipient. These variables include, for example, identity of the recipient, scope of work, schedule of performance and obligations assumed by both parties.

(b) The format matrices are available on request from the Awards Officer, and a copy of each is included in the information kit provided to all potential recipients of financial assistance. 1

1 An informational copy of both format matrices accompany this regulation as filed in the Office of the Federal Register.

(c) MarAd will adapt the appropriate format matrix to the extent deemed necessary when drafting the particular agreement to be executed by MarAd and a recipient of financial assistance for a specific project.