46 CFR § 4.05-10 - Written report of marine casualty.

§ 4.05-10 Written report of marine casualty.

(a) The owner, agent, master, operator, or person in charge must, within 5 days, file a written report of any marine casualty required to be reported under § 4.05-1. This written report is in addition to the immediate notice required by § 4.05-1. This written report must be delivered to a Coast Guard Sector Office or Marine Inspection Office. It must be provided on Form CG-2692 (Report of Marine Casualty, Commercial Diving Casualty, or OCS-Related Casualty), and supplemented as necessary by appended Forms CG-2692A (Barge Addendum), CG-2692B (Report of Mandatory Chemical Testing Following a Serious Marine Incident Involving Vessels in Commercial Service), CG-2692C (Personnel Casualty Addendum), and/or CG-2692D (Involved Persons and Witnesses Addendum).

(b) If filed without delay after the occurrence of the marine casualty, the report required by paragraph (a) of this section suffices as the notice required by § 4.05-1(a).

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