46 CFR § 42.09-25 - Initial or periodic survey requirements for all vessels.

§ 42.09-25 Initial or periodic survey requirements for all vessels.

(a) Before a survey may be completed, the vessel shall be placed in a drydock or hauled out. The surveyor shall be given complete access to all parts of the vessel to ensure that the vessel complies with all applicable requirements.

(b) The surveyor shall examine on all vessels the items, etc., listed in this paragraph to determine if in satisfactory condition and meeting applicable requirements in this subchapter.

(1) Cargo hatch coamings, covers, beams and supports, gaskets, clamps, locking bars, tarpaulins, battens, cleats and wedges of hatches on exposed freeboard, quarter and superstructure decks, and elsewhere as may be necessary.

(2) Structure of the vessel, coamings, closures, and all means of protection provided for openings, such as for ventilators, companionways, machinery casings, fiddleys, funnels, enclosed superstructures on the freeboard deck (and their end bulkheads) or equivalent protective deck houses, openings in the freeboard and superstructure decks, and significant openings at higher levels in the vessel.

(3) Transverse watertight subdivision bulkheads, as fitted, including any openings therein and closures for such openings. They shall be examined throughout their vertical and transverse extent.

(4) All air-pipe outlets, their closures, all scuppers, and all sanitary discharges in the vessel's sides, including nonreturn valves installed.

(5) The main and auxiliary sea inlets and discharges in the machinery space, and elsewhere if existent, and the valves and controls for these items.

(6) All gangways, cargo ports, and airports, including dead covers or other similar openings in the vessel's sides and their closures.

(7) All guardrails, bulwarks, gangways, and freeing port shutters, including securing devices, and bars.

(8) All eye plates or similar fittings for timber (or other) deck-cargo lashings, including the lashings, sockets for uprights and protective devices as may be necessary for ventilators and steering arrangements.

[CGFR 68-60, 33 FR 10056, July 12, 1968, as amended by CGFR 68-126, 34 FR 9013, June 5, 1969]

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