46 CFR § 42.09-5 - All vessels - division into types.

§ 42.09-5 All vessels - division into types.

(a) For the purposes of this part, each vessel to which this part applies is either a Type “A” or a Type “B” vessel.

(b) A Type “A” vessel is a vessel that -

(1) Is designed to carry only liquid cargoes in bulk;

(2) Has a high degree of watertight and structural integrity of the deck exposed to the weather, with only small openings to cargo compartments that are closed by watertight gasketed covers of steel or other material considered equivalent by the Commandant; and

(3) Has a low permeability of loaded cargo compartments.

(c) A Type “B” vessel is any vessel that is not a Type “A” vessel.

(d) Requirements governing the assignment of freeboards for Types “A” and “B” vessels are in subparts 42.20 and 42.25 of this part.

[CGD 79-153, 48 FR 38647, Aug. 25, 1983]

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