46 CFR § 42.15-75 - Protection of the crew.

§ 42.15-75 Protection of the crew.

(a) The strength of the deckhouses used for the accommodation of the crew shall be to the satisfaction of the assigning authority.

(b) Efficient guard rails or bulwarks must be fitted on all exposed parts of the freeboard and superstructure decks as follows:

(1) The height of the bulwarks or guard rails must be at least 39 1/2 inches from the deck, provided that where this height would interfere with the normal operation of the vessel, a lesser height may be approved if the Commandant and the assigning authority are satisfied that adequate protection is provided.

(2) On each vessel that is initially surveyed for load line assignment after January 1, 1976, and that is exclusively engaged in towing operations, the minimum bulwark or rail height on the freeboard deck may be reduced to 30 inches provided the assigning authority is satisfied that adequate grabrails are provided around the periphery of the deckhouse.

(3) Portable rails may be used when operating conditions warrant their use.

(c) The opening below the lowest course of the guard rails shall not exceed 9 inches. The other courses shall be not more than 15 inches apart. In the case of vessels with rounded gunwales the guard rail supports shall be placed on the flat of the deck.

(d) Satisfactory means (in the form of guard rails, life lines, gangways or underdeck passages, etc.) shall be provided for the protection of the crew in getting to and from their quarters, the machinery space and all other parts used in the necessary work of the vessel.

(e) Deck cargo carried on any vessel shall be so stowed that any opening which is in way of the cargo and which gives access to and from the crew's quarters, the machinery space and all other parts used in the necessary work of the vessel, can be properly closed and secured against the admission of water. Effective protection for the crew in the form of guard rails or life lines shall be provided above the deck cargo if there is no convenient passage on or below the deck of the vessel.

[CGFR 68-60, 33 FR 10062, July 12, 1968, as amended by CGFR 68-126, 34 FR 9014, June 5, 1969; CGD 74-164, 41 FR 1470, Jan. 8, 1976]

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