46 CFR § 502.113 - Service of private party complaints.

§ 502.113 Service of private party complaints.

(a) Complaints filed pursuant to § 502.62, amendments to complaints (unless otherwise authorized by the presiding officer pursuant to § 502.66(b)), small claims complaints filed pursuant to § 502.304, and Complainant's memoranda filed in shortened procedure cases pursuant to § 502.182, will be served by the Secretary of the Commission.

(b) The Secretary will serve the complaint using first class mail or express mail service at the Respondent's address provided by the Complainant. If the complaint cannot be delivered, for example if the complaint is returned as undeliverable or not accepted for delivery, the Secretary will notify the Complainant.

(c) Alternative service by Complainant. The Complainant may serve the Complaint at any time after it has been filed with the Commission. If Complainant serves the complaint, an affidavit setting forth the method, time and place of service must be filed with the Secretary within five days following service.

(d) The presiding officer may dismiss a complaint that has not been served within thirty (30) days after the complaint was filed. [Rule 113.]

[80 FR 14319, Mar. 19, 2015]