46 CFR § 502.53 - Participation in rulemaking.

§ 502.53 Participation in rulemaking.

(a) Interested persons will be afforded an opportunity to participate in rulemaking through submission of written data, views, or arguments, with or without opportunity for oral presentation. No replies to the written submissions will be allowed unless, because of the nature of the proceeding, the Commission indicates that replies would be necessary or desirable for the formulation of a just and reasonable rule, except that, where the proposed rules are such as are required by statute to be made on the record after opportunity for a hearing, such hearing shall be conducted pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 556 and 557, and the procedure shall be the same as stated in subpart L of this part. In the event that replies or succeeding rounds of comments are permitted, copies shall be served on all prior participants in the proceeding. A list of participants may be obtained from the Secretary of the Commission.

(b) In those rulemaking proceedings in which respondents are named, interested persons who wish to participate shall file a petition to intervene in accordance with the provisions of § 502.72 [Rule 53.]

(c) Where a formal hearing is held in a rulemaking proceeding, interested persons will be afforded an opportunity to participate through submission of relevant, material, reliable, and probative written evidence properly verified, except that such evidence submitted by persons not present at the hearing will not be made a part of the record if objected to by any party on the ground that the person who submits the evidence is not present for cross-examination.

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