46 CFR § 503.55 - Derivative classification.

(a) In accordance with Part 2 of Executive Order 13526 and directives of the Information Security Oversight Office, the incorporation, paraphrasing, restating or generation in new form of information that is already classified, and the marking of newly developed material consistent with the classification markings that apply to the source information, is derivative classification.

(1) Derivative classification includes the classification of information based on classification guidance.

(2) The duplication or reproduction of existing classified information is not derivative classification.

(b) Members or employees applying derivative classification markings shall:

(1) Observe and respect original classification decisions; and

(2) Carry forward to any newly created documents the pertinent classification markings.

(3) For information derivatively classified based on multiple sources, the Member or employee shall carry forward:

(i) The date or event for declassification that corresponds to the longest period of classification among the sources; and

(ii) A listing of these sources on or attached to the official file or record copy.

(c) Documents classified derivatively shall bear all markings prescribed by 32 CFR 2001.20 through 2001.23 and shall otherwise conform to the requirements of 32 CFR 2001.20 through 2001.23.

(1) Classification authority. The authority for classification shall be shown as follows:

(i) “Classified by (description of source documents or classification guide),” or

(ii) “Classified by multiple sources,” if a document is classified on the basis of more than one source document or classification guide.

(iii) In these cases, the derivative classifier shall maintain the identification of each source with the file or record copy of the derivatively classified document. A document derivatively classified on the basis of a source document that is marked “Classified by Multiple Sources” shall cite the source document in its “Classified by” line rather than the term “Multiple sources.”

(2) Declassification and downgrading instructions. Date or events for automatic declassification or downgrading, or the notation “Originating Agency's Determination Required” to indicate that the document is not to be declassified automatically, shall be carried forward from the source document, or as directed by a classification guide, and shown on “declassify on” line as follows:

“Declassify on: (date, description of event);” or “Originating Agency's Determination Required (OADR).”

[64 FR 23548, May 3, 1999, as amended at 76 FR 10263, Feb. 24, 2011]