46 CFR § 503.57 - Mandatory review for declassification.

§ 503.57 Mandatory review for declassification.

(a) Reviews and referrals in response to requests for mandatory declassification shall be conducted in compliance with section 3.5 of Executive Order 13526, 32 CFR 2001.33, and 32 CFR 2001.34.

(b) Any individual may request a review of classified information and material in possession of the Commission for declassification. All information classified under Executive Order 13526 or a predecessor Order shall be subject to a review for declassification by the Commission, if:

(1) The request describes the documents or material containing the information with sufficient specificity to enable the Commission to locate it with a reasonable amount of effort. Requests with insufficient description of the material will be returned to the requester for further information.

(2) The information requested is not the subject of pending litigation.

(3) The information requested has not been reviewed for declassification in the previous two years. If so, the FMC shall inform the requester of this fact and provide the requester with appeal rights in accordance with 32 CFR 2001.33(a)(2)(iii).

(c) Requests shall be in writing, and shall be sent to: Office of the Managing Director, Attn.: Senior Agency Official, Federal Maritime Commission, Washington, DC 20573 or submitted via the FMC's on-line declassification information portal which provides an e-mail address through which requests can be submitted: http://www.http://www.fmc.gov/about/web_policies_notices_and_acts.aspx.

(d) If the request requires the provision of services by the Commission, fair and equitable fees may be charged pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 9701.

(e) Requests for mandatory declassification reviews shall be acknowledged by the Commission within 15 days of the date of receipt of such requests.

(f) If the document was derivatively classified by the Commission or originally classified by another agency, the request, the document, and a recommendation for action shall be forwarded to the agency with the original classification authority. The Commission may, after consultation with the originating agency, inform the requester of the referral.

(g) If a document is declassified in its entirety, it may be released to the requester, unless withholding is otherwise warranted under applicable law. If a document or any part of it is not declassified, the Senior Agency Official shall furnish the declassified portions to the requester unless withholding is otherwise warranted under applicable law, along with a brief statement concerning the reasons for the denial of the remainder, and the right to appeal that decision to the Commission appellate authority within 60 days.

(h) If a declassification determination cannot be made within 45 days, the requester shall be advised that additional time is needed to process the request. Final determination shall be made within one year from the date of receipt of the request. The Commission shall inform the requester in writing of the final determination and of the reasons for any denials. The Commission shall inform the requester in writing of his or her final appeal rights to the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel.

(i) When a request has been submitted both under mandatory declassification review and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the agency shall require the requester to select one process or the other. If the requester fails to select one process or the other, the request will be treated as a FOIA request unless the requested materials are subject only to mandatory declassification review.

[76 FR 10263, Feb. 24, 2011]