46 CFR § 505.5 - Agency review.

§ 505.5 Agency review.

(a) A debtor may dispute the existence of the debt, the amount of debt, or the terms of repayment. A request to review a disputed debt must be submitted to the Commission official who provided notification within 30 calendar days of the receipt of the written notice described in § 505.4.

(b) If the debtor requests an opportunity to inspect or copy the Commission's records concerning the disputed claim, 10 business days will be granted for the review. The time period will be measured from the time the request for inspection is granted or from the time the copy of the records is received by the debtor.

(c) Pending the resolution of a dispute by the debtor, transactions in any of the debtor's account(s) maintained in the Commission may be temporarily suspended. Depending on the type of transaction the suspension could preclude its payment, removal, or transfer, as well as prevent the payment of interest or discount due thereon. Should the dispute be resolved in the debtor's favor, the suspension will be immediately lifted.

(d) During the review period, interest, penalties, and administrative costs authorized under the Federal Claims Collection Act of 1996, as amended, will continue to accrue.