46 CFR § 515.5 - Forms and fees.

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§ 515.5 Forms and fees.

(a) Forms. License Application Form FMC-18 is found at the Commission's website www.fmc.gov for completion on-line by applicants and licensees. Foreign-based Unlicensed NVOCC Registration/Renewal Form FMC-65 and financial responsibility Forms FMC-48, FMC-67, FMC-68, FMC-69 may be obtained from the Commission's website at www.fmc.gov, from the Director, Bureau of Certification and Licensing, Federal Maritime Commission, Washington, DC 20573, or from any of the Commission's Area Representatives.

(b) Filing of license application forms. All application forms are to be filed electronically.

(c) Fees. (1)(i) All fees shall be paid by:

(A) Money order, certified, cashier's, or personal check payable to the order of the “Federal Maritime Commission;”

(B) Pay.gov;

(C) The Automated Clearing House system; or

(D) By other means authorized by the Director of the Commission's Office of Budget and Finance.

(ii) Applications or registrations shall be rejected unless the applicable fee and any bank charges assessed against the Commission are received by the Commission within ten (10) business days after submission of the application or registration. In any instance where an application has been processed in whole or in part, the fee will not be refunded.

(2) Fees under this part shall be as follows:

(i) Application for new OTI license as required by § 515.12(a): Filing $1,304.

(ii) Application for change to OTI license or license transfer as required by § 515.20(a) and (b): Filing $943.

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