46 CFR 520.3 - Publication responsibilities.

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§ 520.3 Publication responsibilities.

(a) General. Unless otherwise exempted by § 520.13, all common carriers and conferences shall keep open for public inspection, in automated tariff systems, tariffs showing all rates, charges, classifications, rules, and practices between all points or ports on their own routes and on any through transportation route that has been established.

(b) Conferences. Conferences shall publish, in their automated tariff systems, rates offered pursuant to independent action by their members and may publish any open rates offered by their members. Alternatively, open rates may be published in individual tariffs of conference members.

(c) Agents. Common carriers or conferences may use agents to meet their publication requirements under this part.

(d) Notification. Each common carrier and conference shall notify BTA, prior to the commencement of common carrier service pursuant to a published tariff, of its organization name, organization number, home office address, name and telephone number of firm's representative, the location of its tariffs, and the publisher, if any, used to maintain its tariffs, by electronically submitting Form FMC-1 via the Commission's website at www.fmc.gov. Any changes to the above information shall be immediately transmitted to BTA. The Commission will provide a unique organization number to new entities operating as common carriers or conferences in the U.S. foreign commerce.

(e) Location of tariffs. The Commission will publish on its website, www.fmc.gov, a list of the locations of all carrier and conference tariffs. The Commission will update this list on a periodic basis.

[64 FR 11225, Mar. 8, 1999, as amended at 67 FR 39860, June 11, 2002]
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