46 CFR § 535.705 - Application for waiver.

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§ 535.705 Application for waiver.

(a) Upon a showing of good cause, the Commission may waive any requirement of this subpart.

(b) A request for such a waiver must be submitted and approved by the Commission in advance of the filing of the Monitoring Report or minutes to which the requested waiver would apply. Requests for a waiver shall be submitted in writing to the Director, Bureau of Trade Analysis, Federal Maritime Commission, Washington, DC 20573-0001, and shall state and provide the following:

(1) The specific requirements from which relief is sought;

(2) The special circumstances requiring the requested relief;

(3) Relevant trade and industry data and information to substantiate and support the special circumstances requiring the requested relief; and

(4) Why granting the requested waiver will not substantially impair effective monitoring of the agreement.

(c) The Commission may take into account the presence or absence of shipper complaints as well as the past compliance of the agreement parties with any reporting requirement under this part in considering an application for a waiver.