46 CFR § 54.05-3 - Tests required.

§ 54.05-3 Tests required.

(a) Where material or welding toughness tests are required by §§ 54.25-10, 54.25-15, 54.25-20, and subpart 57.03 or 57.06 of this subchapter, the following requirements shall apply:

(1) Additional requirements for ferritic steels with properties enhanced by heat treatment are in § 54.25-20.

(2) Certified reports of toughness tests by the material manufacturer will be acceptable evidence provided the specimens taken are representative of the material delivered and that the material is not subject to treatment during or following fabrication that will reduce its impact properties. If such treatment is subsequently applied to the material, test specimens shall be so taken and treated as to be representative of the material in the finished vessel.

(b) The requirements of this subpart are also applicable to nonpressure vessel type low temperature tanks and associated secondary barriers, as defined in § 38.05-4 of subchapter D (Tank Vessels) of this chapter.

[CGFR 68-82, 33 FR 18828, Dec. 18, 1968, as amended by CGFR 69-127, 35 FR 9977, June 17, 1970]