46 CFR § 56.30-25 - Flared, flareless, and compression fittings.

§ 56.30-25 Flared, flareless, and compression fittings.

(a) This section applies to pipe fittings that are mechanically connected to pipe by such means as ferrules, flared ends, swaging, elastic strain preload, crimping, bite-type devices, and shape memory alloys. Fittings to which this section applies must be designed, constructed, tested, and marked in accordance with ASTM F 1387 (incorporated by reference, see § 56.01-2). Previously approved fittings may be retained as long as they are maintained in good condition to the satisfaction of the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection.

(b) Flared, flareless and compression fittings may be used within the service limitations of size, pressure, temperature, and vibration recommended by the manufacturer and as specified in this section.

(c) Flared, flareless, and compression type tubing fittings may be used for tube sizes not exceeding 50 millimeters (2 inches) outside diameter within the limitations of applicable standards and specifications listed in this section and § 56.60-1 of this part.

(d) Flareless fittings must be of a design in which the gripping member or sleeve must grip or bite into the outer surface of the tube with sufficient strength to hold the tube against pressure, but without appreciably distorting the inside tube diameter or reducing the wall thickness. The gripping member must also form a pressure seal against the fitting body.

(e) For fluid services, other than hydraulic systems, using a combustible fluid as defined in § 30.10-15 of this chapter and for fluid services using a flammable fluid as defined in § 30.10-22 of this chapter, flared fittings must be used; except that flareless fittings of the nonbite type may be used when the tubing system is of steel, nickel copper or copper nickel alloy. When using copper or copper zinc alloy, flared fittings are required. (See also § 56.50-70 for gasoline fuel systems, § 56.50-75 for diesel fuel systems, and § 58.25-20 for hydraulic systems for steering gear.)

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