46 CFR § 56.97-38 - Initial service leak test (reproduces 137.7).

§ 56.97-38 Initial service leak test (reproduces 137.7).

(a) An initial service leak test and inspection is acceptable when other types of test are not practical or when leak tightness is conveniently demonstrable due to the nature of the service. One example is turbine extraction piping where shut-off valves are not available for isolating a line and where temporary closures are impractical. Others may be systems for service water, low pressure condensate, plant and instrument air, etc., where checking out of pumps and compressors afford ample opportunity for leak tightness inspection prior to fullscale operation.

(b) The piping system must be gradually brought up to design pressure. After inspection of the piping system has proven that the installation is complete and all joints are leak-tight, the piping has met the requirements of § 56.97-1.

[CGD 73-254, 40 FR 40168, Sept. 2, 1975]

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