46 CFR § 58.25-55 - Overcurrent protection for steering-gear systems.

§ 58.25-55 Overcurrent protection for steering-gear systems.

(a) Each feeder circuit for steering must be protected by a circuit breaker on the switchboard that supplies it and must have an instantaneous trip set at a current of at least -

(1) 300% and not more than 375% of the rated full-load current of one steering-gear motor for a direct-current motor; or

(2) 175% and not more than 200% of the locked-rotor current of one steering-gear motor for an alternating-current motor.

(b) No feeder circuit for steering may have any overcurrent protection, except that required by paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Neither a main or an auxiliary steering-gear motor, nor a motor for a steering-gear control system, may be protected by an overload protective device. The motor must have a device that activates an audible and a visible alarm at the main machinery-control station if there is an overload that would cause overheating of the motor.

(d) No control circuit of a motor controller, steering-gear control system, or indicating or alarm system may have overcurrent protection except short-circuit protection that is instantaneous and rated at 400% to 500% of -

(1) The current-carrying capacity of the conductor; or

(2) The normal load of the system.

(e) The short-circuit protective device for each steering-gear control system must be in the steering-gear compartment and in the control circuit immediately following the disconnect switch for the system.

(f) When, in a vessel of less than 1,600 gross tons, an auxiliary steering gear, which § 58.25-10(c)(3) requires to be operated by power, is not operated by electric power or is operated by an electric motor primarily intended for other service, the main steering gear may be fed by one circuit from the main switchboard. When such an electric motor is arranged to operate an auxiliary steering gear, neither § 58.25-25(e) nor paragraphs (a) through (c) of this section need be complied with if both the overcurrent protection and compliance with §§ 58.25-25(d), 58.25-30, and 58.25-70 (j) and (k) satisfy the Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Center.

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