46 CFR § 72.20-10 - Location of crew spaces.

§ 72.20-10 Location of crew spaces.

(a) Crew quarters must not be located farther forward in the vessel than a vertical plane located at 5 percent of the vessel's length abaft the forward side of the stem at the designed summer load water line. However, for vessels in other than ocean or coastwise service, this distance need not exceed 8.5 meters (28 feet). For the purpose of this paragraph, the vessel's length must be as defined in § 43.15-1 of subchapter E (Load Lines) of this chapter. Unless approved by the Commandant, no section of the deck head of the crew spaces may be below the deepest load line.

(b) There must be no direct communication, except through solid, close fitted doors or hatches between crew spaces and chain lockers, or machinery spaces.