46 CFR § 76.15-20 - Carbon dioxide storage.

§ 76.15-20 Carbon dioxide storage.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, the cylinders shall be located outside the spaces protected, and shall not be located in any space that might be cut off or made inaccessible in the event of a fire in any of the spaces protected.

(b) Systems of the type indicated in § 76.15-5(d), consisting of not more than 300 pounds of carbon dioxide, may have the cylinders located within the space protected. If the cylinder stowage is within the space protected, the system shall be arranged in an approved manner to be automatically operated by a heat actuator within the space in addition to the regular remote and local controls.

(c) The space containing the cylinders shall be properly ventilated and designed to preclude an anticipated ambient temperature in excess of 130 degrees F.

(d) Cylinders shall be securely fastened and supported, and, where necessary, protected against injury.

(e) Cylinders shall be so mounted as to be readily accessible and capable of easy removal for recharging and inspection. Provisions shall be available for weighing the cylinders.

(f) Where subject to moisture, cylinders shall be so installed as to provide a space of at least 2 inches between the flooring and the bottom of the cylinders.

(g) Cylinders shall be mounted in an upright position or inclined not more than 30 degrees from the vertical. However, cylinders which are fitted with flexible or bent siphon tubes may be inclined not more than 80 degrees from the vertical.

(h) Where check valves are not fitted on each independent cylinder discharge, plugs or caps shall be provided for closing outlets when cylinders are removed for inspection or refilling.

(i) All cylinders used for storing carbon dioxide must be fabricated, tested, and marked in accordance with §§ 147.60 and 147.65 of this chapter.

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