46 CFR § 90.10-38 - Specially suitable for vehicles.

A space which is specially suitable for vehicles is one designed for the carriage of automobiles or other self-propelled vehicles with batteries connected and fuel tanks containing gasoline on vessels on ocean or unlimited coastwise voyages. Requirements for the design and protection of spaces “specially suitable for vehicles” appear in subparts 92.15, 95.05, 95.15, 96.05, 97.36, 97.37, and 97.80 of this subchapter. In addition, preparation of automobiles prior to carriage, with the exception of disconnecting battery cables, must be in accordance with the applicable provisions of 49 CFR 176.905.

[CGFR 66-33, 31 FR 15284, Dec. 5, 1966, as amended by CGD 86-033, 53 FR 36025, Sept. 16, 1988]