46 CFR § 97.37-33 - Instructions for changing steering gear.

§ 97.37-33 Instructions for changing steering gear.

(a) Instructions in at least 1/2 inch letters and figures shall be posted in the steering engine room, relating in order, the different steps to be taken in changing to the emergency steering gear. Each clutch, gear, wheel, lever, valve, or switch which is used during the changeover shall be numbered or lettered on a metal plate or painted so that the markings can be recognized at a reasonable distance. The instructions shall indicate each clutch or pin to be “in” or “out” and each valve or switch which is to be “opened” or “closed” in shifting to any means of steering for which the vessel is equipped. Instructions shall be included to line up all steering wheels and rudder amidship before changing gears.

(b) [Reserved]