46 CFR Appendix A to Part 520, Standard Terminology and Codes

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Appendix A to Part 520 - Standard Terminology and Codes

I - Publishing/Amendment Type Codes

Code Definition
A Increase.
C Change resulting in neither increase nor decrease in rate or charges.
E Expiration (also use “A” if the deletion results in the application of a higher “cargo, n.o.s.” or similar rate).
I New or initial matter.
K Rate or change filed by a controlled common carrier member of a conference under independent action.
M Transportation of U.S. Department of Defense cargo by American-flag common carriers.
P Addition of a port or point.
R Reduction.
S Special Case matter filed pursuant to Special Permission, Special Docket or other Commission direction, including filing of tariff data after suspension, such as for controlled carriers. Requires “Special Case Number.”
T Terminal Rates, charges or provisions or canal tolls over which the carrier has no control.
W Withdrawal of an erroneous publication on the same publication date.
X Exemption for controlled carrier data in trades served exclusively by controlled carriers or by controlled carriers of states receiving most-favored-nation treatment.

II - Unit Codes

A. Weight Units:
Kilograms KGS
1000 Kgs (Metric Ton) KT
Pounds LBS
Long Ton (2240 LBS) LT
Short Ton (2000 LBS) ST
B. Volume Units:
Cubic meter CBM
Cubic feet CFT
C. Length Units:
Centimeters CM
Feet FT
Inches IN
Meters M
D. Measure Board Feet:
Thousand Board Feet MBF
E. Distance Units:
Kilometers KM
Miles MI
F. Rate Basis:
Ad Valorem AV
Each EA
Lump Sum LS
Measure M
Thousand Board Feet MBF
Per Container PC
Weight W
Weight/Measure WM
G. Container Size Codes:
Not Applicable N/A
Less Than Load LTL
10 FT Any Height 10X
20 FT 8′6″ 20
20 FT 9′0″ High Cube 20A
20 FT 9′6″ High Cube 20B
20 FT 8′0″ 20S
20 FT Any Height 20X
24 FT 8′6″ 24
24 FT 9′0″ High Cube 24A
24 FT 9′6″ High Cube 24B
24 FT 8′0″ 24S
24 FT Any Height 24X
35 FT 8′6″ 35
35 FT 9′0″ High Cube 35A
35 FT 9′6″ High Cube 35B
35 FT 8′0″ 35S
35 FT Any Height 35X
40 FT 8′6″ 40
40 FT 9′0″ High Cube 40A
40 FT 9′6″ High Cube 40B
40 FT 8′0″ 40S
40 FT Any Height 40X
42 FT 8′6″ 42
42 FT 9′0″ High Cube 42A
42 FT 9′6″ High Cube 42B
42 FT 8′0″ 42S
42 FT Any Height 42X
43 FT 8′6″ 43
43 FT 9′0″ High Cube 43A
43 FT 9′6″ High Cube 43B
43 FT 8′0″ 43S
43 FT Any Height 43X
45 FT 8′6″ 45
45 FT 9′0″ High Cube 45A
45 FT 9′6″ High Cube 45B
45 FT 8′0″ 45S
45 FT Any Height 45X
48 FT 8′6″ 48
48 FT 9′0″ High Cube 48A
48 FT 9′6″ High Cube 48B
48 FT 8′0″ 48S
48 FT Any Height 48X
53 FT 8′6″ 53
53 FT 9′0″ High Cube 53A
53 FT 9′6″ High Cube 53B
53 FT 8′0″ 53S
53 FT Any Height 53X
H. Container Type Codes:
Not Applicable N/A
Atmosphere Control AC
Collapsible Flatrack CF
Drop Frame DF
Flat Bed FB
Flat Rack FR
Garment Container GC
Half-Height HH
Hardtop HT
Insulated IN
Open Top OT
Dry PC
Platform PL
Reefer RE
Tank TC
Top Loader TL
Trailer TR
Vehicle Racks VR
I. Container Temperature Codes:
Not Appl/Operating N/A
Artificial Atmo Ctrl AC
Chilled CLD
Frozen FRZ
Heated HTD
Refrigerated RE
Ventilated VEN
J. Packaging Codes:
Bale BAL
Barrel BBL
Bundle BDL
Beam BEM
Bing Chest BIC
Bulk BLK
Bobbin BOB
Barge BRG
Basket/Hamper BSK
Bushel BUS
Box, with Inner Cntn BXI
Bucket BXT
Cabinet CAB
Cage CAG
Carrier CAR
Case CAS
Cntnrs of Bulk Cargo CBC
Carboy CBY
Can Case CCS
Cheeses CHE
Core COR
Cradle CRD
Crate CRT
Cask CSK
Carton CTN
Cylinder CYL
Dry Bulk DBK
Double-length Rack DRK
Drum DRM
Double-length Skid DSK
Double-length DTB
Firkin FIR
Flo-Bin FLO
Frame FRM
Flask FSK
Forward Reel FWR
Garment on Hanger GOH
Heads of Beef HED
Hogshead HGH
Hopper Car HPC
Hopper Truck HPT
On Hanger/Rack in bx HRB
Half-Standard Rack HRK
Half-Stand. Tote Bin HTB
Knockdown Rack KRK
Knockdown Wood Crates KWC
Knockdown Tote Bin KTB
Liquid Bulk LBK
Lifts LIF
Loose LSE
Lift Van LVN
Multi-roll Pak MRP
Noil NOL
Nested NST
Pail PAL
Packed - NOS PCK
Pieces PCS
Pirns PIR
Package PKG
Platform PLF
Pipe Line PLN
Pallet PLT
Private Vehicle POV
Pipe Rack PRK
Quarters of Beef QTR
Rail (semiconductor) RAL
Rack RCK
Reel REL
Roll ROL
Reverse Reel RVR
Sack SAK
Shook SHK
Sides of Beef SID
Skid SKD
Skid, Elev, Lift Trk SKE
Sleeve SLV
Spin Cylinders SPI
Spool SPL
Tube TBE
Tote Bin TBN
Tank Car Rail TKR
Tank Truck TKT
Intermdl Trlr/Cntnr TLD
Tank TNK
Tierce TRC
Trunk and Chest TRK
Tray TRY
Trunk, Salesmen Samp TSS
Unpacked UNP
Unit UNT
Vehicles VEH
Van Pack VPK
On Own Wheels WHE
Wheeled Carrier WLC
Wood Crates WC
Wrapped WRP
Not Applicable N/A
K. Shipment Stowage Location Codes:
Not Applicable N/A
On Deck OD
Bottom Stowage BS
L. Hazard Codes:
Not Applicable N/A
IMD Stow Category A A
IMD Stow Category B B
IMD Stow Category C C
IMD Stow Category D D
IMD Stow Category E E
Hazardous HAZ
Non-Hazardous NHZ
M. Stuffing/Stripping Modes:
Not Applicable N/A
Mechanical MECH
Hand Loading HAND
N. Inland Transportation Modes:
Not Applicable N/A
Motor M
Rail R
Barge B
Motor/Rail MR
Rail/Motor RM
Motor/Barge MB
Barge/Motor BM
Rail/Barge RB
Barge/Rail BR
O. Shipment Service Types:
Barge B
Door D
House H
Motor M
Ocean Port O
Pier P
Rail Yard R
Container Station S
Terminal T
Container Yard Y
Rail Siding U
Team Tracks X
P. Freight Forwarder/Broker Type Codes:
Not Applicable N/A
Freight Forwarder FF
Customs House Broker CB
Other OTH
Q. Tariff Type Codes:
Bill of Lading Tariff BL
Equipment Interchange Agreement Tariff EI
Essential Terms Publication ET
Foreign Commodity Tariff FC
Foreign Rules Tariff FR
Terminal Tariff TM
Service Contracts SC

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