46 CFR Appendix A to Part 530 - Instructions for the Filing of Service Contracts

Appendix A to Part 530 - Instructions for the Filing of Service Contracts

Service contracts shall be filed in accordance with the instructions found on the Commission's home page, http://www.fmc.gov.

A. Registration, Log-on ID and Password

To register for filing, a carrier, conference, agreement or publisher must submit the Service Contract Registration Form (Form FMC-83) to BTA. A separate Service Contract Registration Form is required for each individual that will file service contracts. BTA will direct OIT to provide approved filers with a log-on ID and password. Filers who wish a third party (publisher) to file their service contracts must so indicate on Form FMC-83. Authority for organizational filing can be transferred by submitting an amended registration form requesting the assignment of a new log-on ID and password. The original log-on ID will be canceled when a replacement log-on ID is issued. Log-on IDs and passwords may not be shared with, loaned to or used by any individual other than the individual registrant. The Commission reserves the right to disable any log-on ID that is shared with, loaned to or used by parties other than the registrant.

B. Filing

After receiving a log-on ID and a password, a filer may log-on to the service contract filing area on the Commission's home page and file service contracts. The filing screen will request such information as: filer name, Registered Persons Index (“RPI”) number and carrier RPI number (if different); Service Contract and amendment number; and effective date. The filer will attach the entire service contract file and submit it into the system. When the service contract has been submitted for filing, the system will assign a filing date and an FMC control number, both of which will be included in the acknowledgment/confirmation message.

[64 FR 41042, July 29, 1999, as amended at 85 FR 38089, June 25, 2020]

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