47 CFR § 1.1116 - General exemptions to charges.

§ 1.1116 General exemptions to charges.

No fee established in §§ 1.1102 through 1.1109 of this subpart, unless otherwise qualified herein, shall be required for:

(a) Applications filed for the sole purpose of modifying an existing authorization (or a pending application for authorization) in order to comply with new or additional requirements of the Commission's rules or the rules of another Federal agency. However, if the applicant also requests an additional modification, renewal, or other action, the appropriate fee for such additional request must accompany the application. Cases in which a fee will be paid include applications by FM and TV licensees or permittees seeking to upgrade channel after a rulemaking.

(b) Applicants in the Special Emergency Radio and Public Safety Radio Services that are government entities or nonprofit entities. Applicants claiming nonprofit status must include a current Internal Revenue Service Determination Letter documenting this nonprofit status.

(c) Applicants, permittees or licensees of noncommercial educational (NCE) broadcast stations in the FM or TV services, as well as AM applicants, permittees or licensees operating in accordance with § 73.503 of this chapter.

(d) Applicants, permittees, or licensees qualifying under paragraph (c) of this section requesting Commission authorization in any other mass media radio service (except the international broadcast (HF) service) private radio service, or common carrier radio communications service otherwise requiring a fee, if the radio service is used in conjunction with the NCE broadcast station on an NCE basis.

(e) Other applicants, permittees, or licensees providing, or proposing to provide, an NCE or instructional service, but not qualifying under paragraph (c) of this section, may be exempt from filing fees, or be entitled to a refund, in the following circumstances.

(1) An applicant is exempt from filing fees if it is an organization that, like the Public Broadcasting Service or National Public Radio, receives funding directly or indirectly through the Public Broadcasting Fund, 47 U.S.C. 396(k), distributed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, where the authorization requested will be used in conjunction with the organization on an NCE basis;

(2) An applicant for a translator or low power television station that proposes an NCE service will be entitled to a refund of fees paid for the filing of the application when, after grant, it provides proof that it has received funding for the construction of the station through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) or other showings as required by the Commission.

(3) An applicant that has qualified for a fee refund under paragraph (e)(2) of this section and continues to operate as an NCE station is exempt from fees for broadcast auxiliary stations (subparts D, E, and F of part 74) or stations in the private radio or common carrier services where such authorization is to be used in conjunction with the NCE translator or low power station.

(f) Applicants, permittees or licensees who qualify as governmental entities. For purposes of this exemption a governmental entity is defined as any state, possession, city, county, town, village, municipal corporation or similar political organization or subpart thereof controlled by publicly elected or duly appointed public officials exercising sovereign direction and control over their respective communities or programs.

(g) Applications for Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permits where the applicant intends to use the permit solely in conjunction with duties performed at radio facilities qualifying for fee exemption under paragraphs (c), (d), or (e) of this section.


Applicants claiming exemptions under the terms of this subpart must certify as to their eligibility for the exemption through a cover letter accompanying the application or filing. This certification is not required if the applicable FCC Form requests the information justifying the exemption.

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