47 CFR § 1.1120 - Error claims.

§ 1.1120 Error claims.

(a) Applicants who wish to challenge a staff determination of an insufficient fee or delinquent debt may do so in writing. A challenge to a determination that a party is delinquent in paying the full application fee must be accompanied by suitable proof that the fee had been paid or waived (or deferred from payment during the period in question), or by the required application payment and any assessment penalty payment (see § 1.1118). Failure to comply with these procedures will result in dismissal of the challenge. These claims should be addressed to the Federal Communications Commission at the address indicated in 47 CFR 0.401(a), Attention: Financial Operations, or emailed to ARINQUIRIES@fcc.gov.

(b) Actions taken by Financial Operations staff are subject to the reconsideration and review provisions of §§ 1.106 and 1.115 of this part, EXCEPT THAT reconsideration and/or review will only be available where the applicant has made the full and proper payment of the underlying fee as required by this subpart.

(1) Petitions for reconsideration and/or applications for review submitted by applicants that have not made the full and proper fee payment will be dismissed; and

(2) If the fee payment should fail while the Commission is considering the matter, the petition for reconsideration or application for review will be dismissed.

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