47 CFR 1.1406 - Dismissal of complaints.

§ 1.1406 Dismissal of complaints.

(a) The complaint shall be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction in any case where a suitable certificate has been filed by a State pursuant to § 1.1414 of this subpart. Such certificate shall be conclusive proof of lack of jurisdiction of this Commission. A complaint against a utility shall also be dismissed if the utility does not use or control poles, ducts, or conduits used or designated, in whole or in part, for wire communication or if the utility does not meet the criteria of § 1.1402(a) of this subpart.

(b) If the complaint does not contain substantially all the information required under § 1.1404 the Commission may dismiss the complaint or may require the complainant to file additional information. The complaint shall not be dismissed if the information is not available from public records or from the respondent utility after reasonable request.

(c) Failure by the complainant to respond to official correspondence or a request for additional information will be cause for dismissal.

(d) Dismissal under provisions of paragraph (b) of this section above will be with prejudice if the complaint has been dismissed previously. Such a complaint may be refiled no earlier than six months from the date it was so dismissed.

[ 43 FR 36094, Aug. 15, 1978, as amended at 44 FR 31650, June 1, 1979]