47 CFR § 1.1810 - Review of compliance.

§ 1.1810 Review of compliance.

(a) The Commission shall, beginning in 2004 and at least every three years thereafter, review its current policies and practices in view of advances in relevant technology and achievability. Based on this review, the Commission shall modify its practices and procedures to ensure that the Commission's programs and activities are fully accessible.

(b) The Commission shall provide an opportunity to interested persons, including individuals with disabilities or organizations representing individuals with disabilities, to participate in the review process by submitting comments. Written comments shall be signed by the commenter or by someone authorized to do so on his or her behalf. The signature of the commenter, or signature of someone authorized by the commenter to do so on his or her behalf, shall be provided on print comments. Comments in audio, Braille, electronic, and/or video formats shall contain an affirmative identity statement of the individual, which for this purpose shall be considered to be functionally equivalent to a commenter's signature.

(c) The Commission shall maintain on file and make available for public inspection for four years following completion of the compliance review -

(1) A description of areas examined and problems identified;

(2) All comments and complaints filed regarding the Commission's compliance; and

(3) A description of any modifications made.

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