47 CFR § 1.403 - Notice and availability.

§ 1.403 Notice and availability.

All petitions for rulemaking (other than petitions to amend the FM, Television, and Air-Ground Tables of Assignments) meeting the requirements of § 1.401 will be given a file number and, promptly thereafter, a “Public Notice” will be issued (by means of a Commission release entitled “Petitions for Rule Making Filed”) as to the petition, file number, nature of the proposal, and date of filing. Petitions for rulemaking are available at the Commission's Reference Information Center at the FCC's main office, located at the address indicated in 47 CFR 0.401(a), and may also be available electronically over the internet at http://www.fcc.gov/.

[85 FR 64405, Oct. 13, 2020]