47 CFR § 1.51 - Number of copies of pleadings, briefs, and other papers.

§ 1.51 Number of copies of pleadings, briefs, and other papers.

(a) In hearing proceedings, all pleadings, letters, documents, or other written submissions, shall be filed using the Commission's Electronic Comment Filing System, excluding confidential material as set forth in § 1.314 of these rules. Each written submission that includes confidential material shall be filed as directed by the Commission, along with an additional courtesy copy transmitted to the presiding officer.

(b) In rulemaking proceedings which have not been designated for hearing, see § 1.419.

(c) In matters other than rulemaking and hearing cases, unless otherwise specified by Commission rules, an original and one copy shall be filed. If the matter relates to part 22 of the rules, see § 22.6 of this chapter.

(d) Where statute or regulation provides for service by the Commission of papers filed with the Commission, an additional copy of such papers shall be filed for each person to be served.

(e) The parties to any proceeding may, on notice, be required to file additional copies of any or all filings made in that proceeding.

(f) For application and licensing matters involving the Wireless Radio Services, pleadings, briefs or other documents must be filed electronically in ULS.

(g) Participants that file pleadings, briefs or other documents electronically in ULS need only submit one copy, so long as the submission conforms to any procedural or filing requirements established for formal electronic comments. (See § 1.49)

(h) Pleadings, briefs or other documents filed electronically in ULS by a party represented by an attorney shall include the name, street address, email address, and telephone number of at least one attorney of record. Parties not represented by an attorney that files electronically in ULS shall provide their name, street address, email address, and telephone number.

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