47 CFR § 1.8002 - Obtaining an FRN.

§ 1.8002 Obtaining an FRN.

(a) The FRN must be obtained by anyone doing business with the Commission, see 31 U.S.C. 7701(c)(2), including but not limited to:

(1) Anyone required to pay statutory charges under subpart G of this part;

(2) Anyone applying for a license, including someone who is exempt from paying statutory charges under subpart G of this part, see §§ 1.1114 and 1.1162;

(3) Anyone participating in a spectrum auction;

(4) Anyone holding or obtaining a spectrum auction license or loan;

(5) Anyone paying statutory charges on behalf of another entity or person; and

(6) Any applicant or service provider participating in the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Program, part 54, subpart F, of this chapter.


(1) When registering for an FRN through the CORES, an entity's name, entity type, contact name and title, address, valid email address, and taxpayer identifying number (TIN) must be provided. For individuals, the TIN is the social security number (SSN).

(2) Information listed in paragraph (b)(1) of this section must be kept current by registrants either by updating the information on-line at the CORES link at www.fcc.gov or by filing FCC Form 161 (CORES Update/Change Form).

(c) A business may obtain as many FRNs as it deems appropriate for its business operations. Each subsidiary with a different TIN must obtain a separate FRN. Multiple FRNs shall not be obtained to evade payment of fees or other regulatory responsibilities.

(d) An FRN may be assigned by the Commission, which will promptly notify the entity of the assigned FRN.

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