47 CFR § 1.915 - General application requirements.

§ 1.915 General application requirements.

(a) General requirement. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, for all Wireless Radio Services, station licenses, as defined in section 308(a) of the Communications Act, as amended, operator licenses, modifications or renewals of licenses, assignments or transfers of control of station licenses or any rights thereunder, and waiver requests associated with any of the foregoing shall be granted only upon an application filed pursuant to §§ 1.913 through 1.917 of this part.


(1) Exception for emergency filings. The Commission may grant station licenses, or modifications or renewals thereof, without the filing of a formal application in the following cases:

(i) an emergency found by the Commission to involve danger to life or property or to be due to damage to equipment;

(ii) a national emergency proclaimed by the President or declared by the Congress and during the continuance of any war in which the United States is engaged, when such action is necessary for the national defense or security or otherwise in furtherance of the war effort; or

(iii) an emergency where the Commission finds that it would not be feasible to secure renewal applications from existing licensees or otherwise to follow normal licensing procedures.

(2) No such authorization shall be granted for or continue in effect beyond the period of the emergency or war requiring it. The procedures to be followed for emergency requests submitted under this subparagraph are the same as for seeking special temporary authority under § 1.931 of this part. After the end of the period of emergency, the party must submit its request by filing the appropriate FCC form in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section.

[63 FR 68923, Dec. 14, 1998]