47 CFR § 1.925 - Waivers.

§ 1.925 Waivers.

(a) Waiver requests generally. The Commission may waive specific requirements of the rules on its own motion or upon request. The fees for such waiver requests are set forth in § 1.1102 of this part.

(b) Procedure and format for filing waiver requests.

(1) Requests for waiver of rules associated with licenses or applications in the Wireless Radio Services must be filed on FCC Form 601, 603, or 605.

(2) Requests for waiver must contain a complete explanation as to why the waiver is desired. If the information necessary to support a waiver request is already on file, the applicant may cross-reference the specific filing where the information may be found.

(3) The Commission may grant a request for waiver if it is shown that:

(i) The underlying purpose of the rule(s) would not be served or would be frustrated by application to the instant case, and that a grant of the requested waiver would be in the public interest; or

(ii) In view of unique or unusual factual circumstances of the instant case, application of the rule(s) would be inequitable, unduly burdensome or contrary to the public interest, or the applicant has no reasonable alternative.

(4) Applicants requiring expedited processing of their request for waiver shall clearly caption their request for waiver with the words “WAIVER—EXPEDITED ACTION REQUESTED.”

(c) Action on Waiver Requests.

(i) The Commission, in its discretion, may give public notice of the filing of a waiver request and seek comment from the public or affected parties.

(ii) Denial of a rule waiver request associated with an application renders that application defective unless it contains an alternative proposal that fully complies with the rules, in which event, the application will be processed using the alternative proposal as if the waiver had not been requested. Applications rendered defective may be dismissed without prejudice.

[63 FR 68926, Dec. 14, 1998]