47 CFR § 1.927 - Amendment of applications.

§ 1.927 Amendment of applications.

(a) Pending applications may be amended as a matter of right if they have not been designated for hearing or listed in a public notice as accepted for filing for competitive bidding, except as provided in paragraphs (b) through (e) of this section.

(b) Applicants for an initial license in auctionable services may amend such applications only in accordance with Subpart Q of this part.

(c) Amendments to non-auction applications that are applied for under Part 101 or that resolve mutual exclusivity may be filed at any time, subject to the requirements of § 1.945 of this part.

(d) Any amendment to an application for modification must be consistent with, and must not conflict with, any other application for modification regarding that same station.

(e) Amendments to applications designated for hearing may be allowed by the presiding officer or, when a proceeding is stayed or otherwise pending before the full Commission, may be allowed by the Commission for good cause shown. In such instances, a written petition demonstrating good cause must be submitted and served upon the parties of record.

(f) Amendments to applications are also subject to the service-specific rules in applicable parts of this chapter.

(g) Where an amendment to an application specifies a substantial change in beneficial ownership or control (de jure or de facto) of an applicant, the applicant must provide an exhibit with the amendment application containing an affirmative, factual showing as set forth in § 1.948(i)(2).

(h) Where an amendment to an application constitutes a major change, as defined in § 1.929, the amendment shall be treated as a new application for determination of filing date, public notice, and petition to deny purposes.

(i) If a petition to deny or other informal objection has been filed, a copy of any amendment (or other filing) must be served on the petitioner. If the FCC has issued a public notice stating that the application appears to be mutually exclusive with another application (or applications), a copy of any amendment (or other filing) must be served on any such mutually exclusive applicant (or applicants).

[63 FR 68927, Dec. 14, 1998, as amended at 64 FR 53238, Oct. 1, 1999; 70 FR 61058, Oct. 20, 2005]

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