47 CFR 1.949 - Application for renewal of license.

§ 1.949 Application for renewal of license.

(a) Applications for renewal of authorizations in the Wireless Radio Services must be filed no later than the expiration date of the authorization for which renewal is sought, and no sooner than 90 days prior to expiration. Renewal applications must be filed on the same form as applications for initial authorization in the same service, i.e., FCC Form 601 or 605. Additional renewal requirements applicable to specific services are set forth in the subparts governing those services.

(b) Licensees with multiple authorizations in the same service may request a common day and month on which such authorizations expire for renewal purposes. License terms may be shortened by up to one year but will not be extended to accommodate the applicant's selection.

[ 63 FR 68934, Dec. 14, 1998, as amended at 78 FR 8265, Feb. 5, 2013; 79 FR 32404, June 4, 2014]